Dreamland Nursery was established over two decades ago with a clear vision that all children, regardless of race, colour, religion or nationality are given an equal opportunity to enjoy the process of learning in a fun filled, professional child-oriented environment.

The name spoke for itself … Yes, we wanted to be every child`s “land of dreams”, only Dreamland wanted “that land” to be a reality and not just a mere picture in the children and parents’ minds. Our objective along the years always focused on and relied upon the well-being, happiness and comfort of the children.Any goal achieved or future plans considered aimed primarily at developing the children`s physical,mental,social and psychological capabilities.

With every passing year, Dreamland had succeeded (and is still succeeding) in leaving behind a trail of undeniable achievements-our proudest being the inclusion of special needs at the nursery.

Throughout its years of existence, Dreamland Nursery was blessed to have a high standard of well-trained, experienced and above all loving and caring staff.Their professionalism was always maintained by the administration`s continuous concern and interest to develop them further through its encouragement to letting them take new advanced training courses related to early childhood education in general (and further expose them to “the inclusion of special needs”).

The children are divided into 2 main groups, 2-3 years & 3-4 1/2 years, with each class teacher along with an assistant handling 15 to 17 children-with a qualified nurse stepping in when necessary (or needed-especially with the presence of the special needs children).

Dreamland`s programs (English, Arabic & French) were all made and developed with time in ways to meet up and exceed the accelerating speed at which today`s children were “evolving”, and in a way to reach to and benefit the diversified mix of children under one roof.In addition to that, the program included the teachings of Islamic Studies, in an attempt to allow the children a smooth transmission to any school the parents desired.

Dreamland had a very clear yet simple vision, and that was to become every child`s second home and first stepping stone leading to school and the “bigger world” beyond, through providing the children with the appropriate environment of learning and fun…We say we are “THE ULTIMATE LUXURY OF LEARNING FOR THE PRIVILEGED” because we believe we are!